Automatikus bejárat az Icehotelen

The Assignment

Providing an automated entrance to the world-famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

The Challenge

Creating a safe and convenient automated entrance that functions reliably while being exposed to constant temperatures ranging from –5 to –10 degrees Celsius
Creating an entrance that not only blends perfectly with the unique environment of the ICEHOTEL, but also enhances it

The Solution

Besam was chosen as the supplier because of its expertise in automated entrance solutions and its long history of service in Sweden. A specially-adapted Besam UniSlide Automatic Door System was recommended for its reliability and safety.
Besam’s UniSlide was selected for design as well as function. The glass panels in the door, which are naturally frosted by the cold conditions, are difficult to distinguish from the ice used throughout the building.

Application Photos

Besam's safe, reliable and convenient automatic entrance solutions and service are making life easier for people around the world.

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